BETL is being used by 2 large customers.

in November and December 2018 I will release a new version of BETL that contains all of the features that were added during my latest project,


  • GDPR reporting. gathering and reporting lineage meta data. (Where does the data come from and where does it go to). Including SSAS Tabular meta data
  • Batch report. We developed a SSRS report that gives you detailed insight in your daily jobs.

Two requests that I want to look into:

  • There is a limitation in the TSQL that is generated using BETL, which is currently 4000 characters, because varchar(max) has some limitions.
  • Seperate TSQL templates in e.g. stored procedures.

For the long term I will look into

  • create a user interface for browsing and editing the betl meta data. E.g. using Angular and SSRS.
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