ETL Automation is the process of automating your ETL. Synonyms are: ETL Engine, Data warehouse automation and ETL generation. I have been using ETL automation for some time now and I’ve put my experience in an open source product called BETL. My hope is to build a community of people that want to share their knowledge and together build a product that is better than commercial products like WhereScape, TimeXtender or XpertBI.

BETL was build in an on premise environment using MS SQL Server and SSIS. The last two years I have been refactoring BETL into BETL for Azure.

Main characteristics of BETL:

  • 100 % T-SQL ( no dependencies on external (CLR) libraries ).
  • Meta data driven.
  • Using template language handlebars

*** The rest of this website is outdated.. I am working on a new version **

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